November 1st - 3rd


Just like a brand new kid in the army only knows what he has HEARD about the front lines, 

We only know what our mamma told us.

And with postpartum mental health, sometimes the struggle gets real. 

We go from confident, hot-wife, mom-that-has-it-all-together (more or less)

To crying in the bathroom. 


Depressive, anxious, hot flashes, you name it. 


And mental health is one thing that CANNOT go down the drain. Ya with me?

Introducing a Three-Day
Postpartum Mental Health Bootcamp:
to give you hope that healing is possible,
and relief that you finally know
how to calm these symptoms.

November 1st-3rd

There is no shame in struggling, soldier. Even when you were once independent and whole. 

And you are so not alone, mama. 

In this bootcamp, we’re going to whip your mental health into shape with ACTIONABLE tools, instruction and coaching.


Here's How:

  • We strip down all the crap you’ve been taught about mental health postpartum that’s not real, not true, and not helpful.
  • Then we replace it with powerful truths that will empower you and make it all make so much SENSE!
  • At the end of day one, you’ll have a clear game plan for recovering your mental health postpartum.
  • You’ll finally NOT feel crazy cuz you’ll understand WHAT GOT YOU TO THIS POINT.




Day 2 is all about Anxiety. We get out my BEST tools:

  • How to de-escalate a panic attack
  • How to redirect your brain when it wants to take you down scary anxiety rabbit holes (“what if my baby ___? And then what if ___? And then what if ??!?)

We’ll approach the toughest issues with anxiety postpartum

  • How to fall asleep
  • How to stop worrying 
  • How to stop snapping
  • How to stop letting anxiety EXHAUST you.

You’ll have time to ask your specific questions, and workbook prompts to keep you integrating all the knowledge into YOUR day-to-day.

All about Depression. We talk about

  • What depressiveness really is
  • The lies it will tell you 
  • How to know you’re in it.

I give you
strategies to turn on your desire for life again, and most importantly for all mental health progress postpartum:

How to reconnect to your body.
(Disconnection from your body causes both depressiveness and anxiety postpartum!!)



The calls will take place on November 1st-3rd from 11 AM - 12:30 MST.
(10 PST / 12 CT / 1 ET)

On ALL THREE days you’ll have a chance to ask questions and get coached. You’ll also get to watch others get coaching.

I won’t just dump it on ya… we’ll practice applying. Together. So you can do it on your own.  

Here’s what the event looks like from start to finish:

My main goal in this bootcamp is to give you confidence that you can heal, and a push of momentum in your mental health recovery. 

We start on November 1st.
Cost to get your mental butt kicked (aka attend):



ALL LIVE 90MIN CALLS WILL BE RECORDED AND RELEASED SOON AFTER, so you can stay caught up if your baby spit up or woke up. ;) (Or his poop went up…)

The Facebook group is also there to support you and catch you up if you missed something… But do make your best efforts to clear the “schedule” and come live (Is a schedule a thing postpartum? HAH!... Maybe try and make it one before the event! But no pressure.)

So to sum it up...

  • You get 4.5 hours of LIVE instruction + coaching
  • You get a printable workbook that you can keep forever
  • You get access to all calls for a whole week
  • You'll get a chance to join my membership at a discounted rate

All this, for just under $30!

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About The Postpartum Coach

Lizzie has 3 kids and has been a coach for postpartum women since 2018. It is her life's purpose and mission to help women recover from birth trauma, to manage anxiety postpartum and heal from depressiveness, so they can have a happy & healthy motherhood.

Lizzie uses traditional coaching mixed in with more holistic, mind-body connection in her practice. She and her clients have a lot of fun, and see massive results/transformations.

You're in for an incredible three-day bootcamp. Register below!


Disclaimer: The Postpartum Coach (i.e. Lizzie Langston) is not a medical provider. Her advice should never be used in place of medical providing, but rather in tandem at your discretion. Your health is 100% your own responsibility.