Postpartum Anxiety Course

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Calm your Body. Calm your Mind. Calm your Life. 

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Postpartum Anxiety Course

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Calm your Body. Calm your Mind. Calm your Life.

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Postpartum anxiety and depressiveness are symptoms of one underlying cause: stuck energy and emotions. 

Like a clogged drain under a running faucet, you want to:

1. First turn off the source of the water (to prevent flooding)

2. Un-clog the drain. 

I approach healing in two phases:

1. Give you tools to better manage the day-to-day anxiety, panic attacks, rage or depressiveness so you're more calm and stable

2. Go back in time and process and relieve (not re-live) unprocessed, open trauma from childhood and beyond (we all have it, it's time to address it. Safely.) This will release stuck emotions that are triggering anxiety/depression and affecting your behaviors, relationships and reactions.

Imagine that faucet running into a bathtub with a clogged drain. 

Our bodies are like that drain (but so much prettier ;) )

Since the day you were born, you've had experiences and felt emotions that were too big for you to process then (like all the gunk going down the drain that really builds up over time). 

The work I do with my clients is first, turning off the running water so there's no more flooding ( that's the equivalent of immediately calming and managing the anxiety and depressiveness). Second, we truly unclog the drain. 

We take everything that needs to come out, out, and we only put back in what serves. Believe it or not, your subconscious guides this whole process. I just teach you how to listen and connect with the natural clean-out process your body will take you through, and I help supervise and guide you through the healing that inevitably comes. 

Your body wants to heal, just like you do.

I can teach you and your body how to reconnect and work together (aka, no more anxiety and depressiveness, postpartum and beyond. Enter, resilience and healing.)

Read client testimonials here. 

Traditional therapy often takes women back to the past trauma stuff before giving them tools to manage the day-to-day fires and build-up. 

But I am a young mom. And I know, you don't need MORE on your plate... you need less

That's why I help you first manage all the daily fires you're putting out, THEN we do the deeper work once you're stable and feeling relief. 

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How I do this in my Postpartum Anxiety Course: 

Step 1: Calm your Body. In my course I teach you how to stop spewing emotion in rage-y reactions and how to stop overcontrolling your kids, hubby, or body. I specifically teach you how to de-escalate anxiety in your body which you can apply to any emotion. 

Step 2: Calm your Mind. Once we have more mastery over our reactions, we become more proactive, cutting anxiety at its source: the mind's imagination. I teach you what to do with all the scary "what if" thoughts and worst-case-scenarios, and how to de-escalate anxiety in the mind. 

Step 3: One you can de-escalate anxiety and reclaim connection with yourself (i.e. heal depressiveness), you're ready for the deeper past-trauma work. It's not scary, and I teach you how to do this yourself in the "Self Healing Session", where you set aside some time and energy to take a walk down memory lane and replay your responses and the endings in a way that sets you free today. This is by far the most rewarding work of the course. 


The membership is then there to support you with: 

-weekly open coaching calls with yours truly

-meditation meet-ups

-progress trackers 

-worksheets to supplement the course 

-a members-only private podcast 

-members-only Facebook group 

and more to come. 

Now is the best time to get in, and postpartum (as always) is the best, best BEST time to heal. Because your body is open and talking a lot to you. 

Having a child, we naturally move energy to the surface and want to purge it. This preserves our motherhood and aids us in raising the next generation. 

I'll guide you through all of it. 

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The Postpartum Anxiety Course

$500 USD

  • 2+ hours of video content and worksheets to go through at your own pace

  • Tools and exercises to help you manage anxiety postpartum and beyond

  • My expertise from over 2 years and 700+ hours of coaching postpartum women 



Postpartum Bundle

$767 USD

The Anxiety Course ($500) & 3 MO Membership ($89/mo)

  • Private podcast that goes beyond postpartum

  • Weekly group coaching

  • Meditations for you (and for your kids)

  • Live trainings in the membership-only Facebook group

  • Beautiful printables exclusive to members for your home

  • Other courses that are created in the future


The going price for a therapy session (through insurance or not) is about $125/hour. And in therapy, it's hit or miss. There are therapists of all kinds, and relatively few with postpartum-specific experience.

My postpartum-specific coaching, because of demand for its effectiveness, went for over $400/hour at its peak.

So.... $500 for what used to cost $10,000 and take my clients six months, all delivered to you in about 15 videos that you could watch in two or three days.... This is an undercharge. I offer this course to you in full integrity, knowing that you will get much more in the value of results and healing than what you will pay in money. 

Can you even put a price on health and healing? On feeling like yourself again? Money is just a formality in this work, and I intend to completely make it worth every penny, just like I know you do. 

You are worth any cost, and so is your motherhood.

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Mom's who've done this work with Lizzie say...

“I am looking forward to breaking the cycle and not grasping to go back to being “my old self” but rather, I’m allowing this postpartum experience to radically transform my life and help me be new. 

I love the podcast episode on whether healing is possible because it is such a great reminder that we can’t rely on meds, nutrition, or circumstance to easily stop depression. 

I am starting to lean from “probably will heal” to “healing is inevitable”. I am so grateful for Lizzie and her wisdom.”


“Sometimes I have to look at the progress I’ve made and ask myself, “who even is this person? She’s so functional!” And guys, it me! It’s really me! The person making dinner is me, the person waking up and taking care of her kids is me. That bad ass mom thinking better, more helpful thoughts, allowing space for her emotions, is me. Check me out! I’m doing it!

I was on the fence about getting coaching. I’m here today, climbing my way out of a PPD black hole and beginning to thrive in my motherhood. I will never be on the fence when it comes to my mental health again.”


“This work saved my marriage, my sanity, and I truly believe, my life. I’m so grateful each day to have grown more present and playful in my motherhood and my marriage, to make it through the day without reliance on caffeine and sugar to pull me through, and to sleep more peacefully at night. 

As mothers, we want the best for our children, and that means showing up as the best version of ourselves. If motherhood is having you feel disconnected or out of sorts – I urge you to (work with) Lizzie. She’ll help you find your way.”


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